Friday, 2 March 2018

C27 Chaos Beastman - Rhino Man

Howdy folks,

Another bizarre, disturbing Beastman has had a lick of paint. Just what they like the nasty little Beasts. This one is called Rhino Man. In hindsight I should have painted the fur a different colour as it merges into the base slightly. Buy hey ho life goes on seeing as he will now spend the rest of his days in my display cabinet trying to avoid the dreaded lead rot. Here he is buds:

Rhino Man can be found on the second row, far right:

Til next time.



Tuesday, 20 February 2018

C35 Chaos Warrior - Nud Spinespittle

I really like the C35 Chaos Warrior range as the figures are so different from each other. They are unique in their own deranged way. Nud Spinespittle is the one that is on show today. Nud ticks all the Chaos weird boxes. Deformed head. Check. Spikes protruding out the back. Check. Humpbacked. Check. Hung like an elephant. Check (well, I made this one up). Here he is the cheeky chap: 

For info:

Cheers buds!


Monday, 29 January 2018

Daemonette Of Slaanesh - Lipspittle

I'm not a great fan of the Daemonettes of Slaanesh. I had them all, but sold them as I just want to paint figures that I like, so they had to go. This was the only one to see paint. Lipspittle everyone:

It could have done with some tattoos, but I couldn't be arsed.

Til next time buds.



Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Injured/Dead Chaos Beastman

Hi Guys,

This Beastman is an interesting little sculpt. It’s one of those injured/dead ones you get but rarely see painted up.  Couldn’t find any info about it at all apart from it was either sculpted by Jes Goodwin, Kev Adams or Mark Copplestone. I got the following picture from the 1988 Citadel Miniatures Catalogue (the Beastman in question is numbered 03).

Here he is painted up: